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Please answer all questions as completely as possible.

Please write under 200 words per question.

If examples are asked for, comb through the Raizman chapter to find examples.  Hint: These questions are frequently taken from a subtitled section of his chapter. Look for these subtitles and you will find details for your answers. Note: The Index also can be used to find specific information and the pages where he talks about it. 

Ch. 5 – The Joy of Work 

  1. Led by William Morris, Charles Ashbee, and others in Britain, the Arts and Crafts Movement arose in opposition to social conditions in the mid-nineteenth century. What were these conditions?  Choose three examples of Arts and Crafts designs from Britain and the United States reproduced in Chapter 5.                                                                          For each item discuss briefly how the construction, circumstances of production, materials and construction were intended to improve society.
  2. Some of William Morris’s socialist utopian dreams of a society of skilled craftsmen were fulfilled on a much-reduced scale in craftsmen communities. What were the names of some of these communities in Britain and the United States? (You may list or use bullet points) How were these communities  organized? How did they support themselves?
  3. Explain the technical inventions that were introduced into the printing industry between 1880 and 1900.          What did each of these inventions make possible that had not been possible before?
  4. What were the design principles that Frank Lloyd Wright applied to his Prairie Houses, and how were these principles in keeping with the philosophy of the Arts and Crafts Movement?

William Morris, Gustav Stickley, and Frank Lloyd Wright held very different views on the role of the machine in Arts and Crafts design. Explain each of their views. (You may use a list or set of points per designer)


Frank Lloyd Wright

  • was not against machines.
  • wanted design and industry to work together
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