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Unit VI Project

This assignment consists of four parts. Please label each part of the assignment Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 in the document, and insert a page break after each part. Click here to see an example. The total assignment is worth 100 points. Please submit as one document.

Note: This assignment requires the use of MS Project or similar software. If you do not have MS Project or similar software, you may look for free or trial versions on the Internet.

Part 1: Develop an in-depth schedule for your initial project based on the Work Breakdown Structure you completed in Unit III. Please refer to the Integrated Project in Chapter 10 of the textbook on page 318 for more information. (40 points total)

Be sure to include:

1. An activity precedence diagram (10 points)

2. An activity duration table (10 points)

3. A network diagram and Gantt charts (20 points)

Part 2: Please complete Case Study 10.2, “Project Scheduling at Blanque Check Construction” on pages 315 and 316 in the textbook and respond to the questions for discussion. Please make sure that each question is answered thoroughly using a minimum of 200 words for each case study question. (10 points)

Part 3: Develop the network activity chart and identify the critical path for a project based on the information provided in the Gantt Chart Activity document. To access the Gantt chart activity document, click here. (25 points total)

1. Draw the activity network as a Gantt chart. (20 points)

2. What is the expected duration of the project? (5 points)

Part 4: Consider the project with the information provided in the Project Activity Network document. To access the Project Activity document, click here or on the link above. (25 points total)

1. Construct the project activity network using AON methodology and label each node. (15 points)

2. Identify the critical path and other paths through the network. (10 points)

Pinto, J. K. (2010). Project management: Achieving competitive advantage (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.