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 Intro to Hospitality Industry Homework – Page 170

1)      The Sunnyvale Hotel is operated by a major hotel management corporation. To ensure guest satisfaction, 300 survey forms each containing sixty- five questions are mailed to guests each month. Usually, about seventy of the forms are returned. The hotel company categorizes the guest satisfaction scores obtained into colored zones, with green being the best, then clear and yellow, and red being the worst. Scores can be compared with those of equivalent hotels.

What you will do, as director of food and beverage, to get the guest satisfaction scores back into the clear or green zone?


2)      Karla Gomez is the supervisor at the Grand Hotel’s casual restaurant. Karla’s responsibilities include overseeing five servers and two bussers, seating guests, and taking reservations. One Friday evening, the restaurant was very busy— all twenty tables were occupied, there was a substantial wait list, and there were people on standby. The service bar was almost full of guests, and most of the seated guests in the dining area had finished their entrées or were just beginning their desserts.What can Karla do to solve the problem?


Dear writer, minimum is 7-8 sentence of each question




1) Generate a list of hotels in the area and classify the hotel properties using the categories from the text. Which hotel types are most prevalent? Why? Which are omitted from the list? Why? Has the lodging industry in the area gone through changes in the past 20 years? 30 years? etc.? If so, why? 



City: Doral, Florida 33178