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Reading the following reply below, what are your thoughts? Please be sure to meet a word count of 175 – 265. Absolutely no plagiarizing! This response is due 07/18/21. Thanks so much in advance. 

Health care organizations and other businesses will have mission and vision statements that are addressed to their stakeholders and the public. The purpose of the mission statement is to provide information on the organization and what their primary objectives are. In addition, the mission statement can also identify how the organization plans to reach those objectives. The vision statement will identify the future goal of what the organization wants to be and achieve. Essentially, the mission and vision statement will contain values, goals, and purpose of the organization.

When reviewing the mission and vision statements of health care organizations located near me, I saw a trend in what they stated. I found interesting, though expectedly, that their primary missions were to treat the communities they serve and improve the well-being of the patients that they treat.

Many of the organizations also have similar values. For example, Family Health Clinic – La Clinica’s values were honesty, quality, kindness, and teamwork.

Another health organization, Tri City Medical Center, has the mission of advancing the health of the community, and their vision to be the health care system of choice by the community.

The positive I see is that shows a sense of competition from health organizations to be the best provider option for their patients. Organization’s understand that people are more conscious of their spending as the industry moving in a direction similar to retail.


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