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1. The Container Store employees are the happiest and most empowered employees to ever work in retail. If employees are empowered, then by definition the structure must be more

Multiple Choice






2. At The Container Store values guide everything they do. This is in sharp contrast to an organization with high __________, which will have rules to guide everything people do.

Multiple Choice





    centralization coordination

The Container Store utilizes part-time employees. This is what part of managing high information-processing demands

    creating horizontal relationship

    slack resources

    identifying core competencie

    increased need for informatio

    self-contained tasks

The Container Store cross-trains its employees. What kind of an organizational structure would not be appropriate for The Container Store because of its barrier to this kind of practice?

    decentralized structure

    matrix structure

    coordinated structure

    divisional structure

    functional structure

When employees can make decisions at The Container Store that store managers typically make, ____________ is clearly part of the organization.

    vertical structure




    mutual adjustment

Communication is key at The Container Store and using teams is one mechanism that allows for flexible coordination. This is referred to as

    hierarchical levels.

    matrix survival skills.

    coordination by standardization.

    span of control.

    coordination by mutual adjustment.