Understanding dcf analysis and applications of bond and stock


For Adrian Monroe only.





Understanding DCF analysis and applications of bond and stock valuation


Case 12: Gulf Shores Surgery Centers – Time Value Analysis


Case 14: Pacific Healthcare (A) – Bond Valuation


Case 15: Pacific Healthcare (B) –  Stock Valuation


Please resort to the case studies listed above and read them first from the required book: Cases in Healthcare Finance. Please follow with the Case Highlights ppts presenting Key Learning Points in each case. Please follow with the Focus Questions leading your critical thinking though the concepts in each case. Next, please analyze thoroughly the complete Excel Spreadsheet-based models supporting each case, with all formulas and data provided. Both, the addressed cases and your own experience, you are strongly encouraged to share, will constitute the real life issues and problems to be resorted to, and discussed while presenting  understanding DCF analysis and applications of bond and stock valuations. Please support your assignment with presentations of financial models, interpretations, explanations of theoretical concepts referred to. Please provide supporting data, and references for your arguments. Please be detailed, precise and clear in your critical analysis. Your write-up should be comprehensive, well-organized and concluded with suggested solutions and recommendations.