Marketing | Marketing homework help

1- This week, you plan your data collection for your research project and develop questions for survey questionnaires or interviews to answer your research questions. 

(My topic of research will be about JCPenny and why the company is currently failing and could disappear as a whole.)

A) What types of questions (i.e., closed-ended or open-end questions) would be effective for your research? Why?

B) How would you collect information for your research, for example, online survey or in-person interview, etc? Why?

C) Then, who will you send your questionnaire survey to, or who will you interview?


2- ( DIGITAL MARKETING) (PRODUCT= NIKE AIR FORCE) What are some technique and technologies have you found that is appropriate for your project? Why is it appropriate and how is it appropriate? Provide at least three examples and in detail show how these technologies help you integrate all of the content, the planning, and campaigning works together?

Please make sure to check your discussion board rubric.

Remember to provide supporting evidence in all your posts.