Case: uber and the sharing economy: global market expansion and

-Answer the following questions in APA format. 

-3 to 4 pages including reference page.

-Use attached resource article and include at least 2 addition research sources (not Wikipedia)

Due Tuesday, October 2, 2018 11:00pm (New York time zone)

Case: Uber and the Sharing Economy: Global Market Expansion and Reception

1. How is the sharing economy characterized? What challenges does this economic model face? Is this economic model available alternative to or significant attention of capitalism? Can sharing economies go global?

2. What are uber’s core competencies? How does this answer matter to the sharing economy?

3. What challenges does Uber face during global expansion? Is Uber’s business vulnerable since is easy for others such as DiDi Kuaidi in China and Ola in India to imitate? Can Uber overcome the challenges from foreign governments? Should it try to collaborate with these foreign governments? If so, how? What are the pros and cons of doing so? What strategies should Uber implement to expand globally? 

4. Due to the furious competition from rivals in global markets (China, India or Southeast Asia). Should Uber leave these markets and focus only on the US market? What are the pros and cons of Uber choice?