Bi | Computer Science homework help



1.  Some say that analytics in general dehumanize manage-rial activities, and others say they do not. Discuss arguments for both points of view.

2.  Diagnosing infections and prescribing pharmaceuticals are the weak points of many practicing physicians. It seems, therefore, that society would be better served if analytics-based diagnostic systems were used by more physicians. Answer the following questions:

a. Why do you think such systems are used minimally by physicians?

b. Assume that you are a hospital administrator whose physicians are salaried and report to you. What would you do to persuade them to use an intelligent system?

c. If the potential benefits to society are so great, can society do something that will increase doctors’ use of such intelligent systems?

3.  What are some of the major privacy concerns in employing intelligent systems on mobile data?

4.  Identify some cases of violations of user privacy from current literature and their impact on data science as a profession.

5.  Search the Internet to find examples of how intelligent systems can facilitate activities such as empowerment, mass customization, and teamwork.