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Content and Development 13 Points PossiblePoints PossiblePoints EarnedCommentsAdequate introduction provided1  Staffing philosophy thoroughly addressed2  Staffing model identified and explained2  Staffing strategy thoroughly explained2  Approach to ensuring diversity in staffing is explained2  Explained the importance of ethics in staffing2  Adequate conclusion provided1  Used a minimum of 10 pages1  Mechanics4 Points PossiblePoints PossiblePoints EarnedCommentsRules of grammar, usage and punctuation are followed.1  The inclusion of your textbook + four outside references were used1  Citations included & APA style followed as needed.1  Spelling is correct.1  Presentation13 Points PossiblePoints PossiblePoints EarnedCommentsEffective introduction provided1  Presentation of selected topic was thorough2  Points made were clear2  Minimum of 15 minutes was achieved2  Effective in conducting presentation without reliability of notes1  Visual aid was beneficial2  Presentation of information flowed well2  Adequate conclusion provided1  Total Points300Submitted on Time?Date Due and Date Submitted:8/13/18  Adjusted Points0Comments: