Intermodal Supply and Demand

Good afternoon everyone. I hope you all had a great week and weekend. This is a great topic of discussion for this week. I have worked in the transportation field for the last 18 years in the Army. We have been responsible for transporting both passengers and freight for various reasons. The most important movement that we are responsible for coordinating is for a deployment. We have to move over 4K Soldiers and their equipment from a base in the U.S. to an operating base overseas. This movement is very complex because there are many determining factors in the modes of transportation needed. The passengers leaving the base will fly commercial from the base to a location in Kuwait. Once in Kuwait, Soldiers will fly by military transport to their final destination. The cargo is the complicated movement because of the different modes it takes to move the cargo from fort to port and then the port to the end-user.The post Intermodal Supply and Demand first appeared on Solving Essays.